Lulu Beauty Fest 2023: Star Life Hyderabad Models Sweep All Titles at Lulu Mall

Lulu Group International is an Emirati based multinational conglomerate Company that oprates a chain of hypermarkets and retail Companies headquartered in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates . Talking the media  Shafeeq ur Rahman Founder The Star Life Hyderabad told Lulu beauty fest 2023 big hit in City of Nawab’s Hyderabad , dazzling celebration of beauty [...]

Dec 6, 2023 - 23:20
Lulu Beauty Fest 2023: Star Life Hyderabad Models Sweep All Titles at Lulu Mall
Lulu Beauty Fest 2023: Star Life Hyderabad Models Sweep All Titles at Lulu Mall

Star Life Hyderabad models dominated the recent Lulu Beauty Fest 2023, held at the bustling Lulu Mall in Hyderabad. The event, which ran from November 29th to December 2nd, proved to be a dazzling celebration of beauty and style, captivating the hearts of Hyderabadis.

Shafeeq ur Rahman, founder of Star Life Hyderabad, proudly announced the impressive performance of his academy's models during a media interaction. He highlighted the successful capture of numerous titles by Star Life Hyderabad participants across various categories, including Lulu Nivea Man of the Year 2023 and Lulu Yardley London Beauty Queen 2023. This triumph was further amplified by the distribution of significant cash prizes among participating models from across Telangana.

The opening ceremony of the Lulu Beauty Fest was a star-studded affair graced by prestigious personalities like Mr. World 2016 Rohith Khandelwal, Ms. Arshina Sumbel Miss Grand India 2023, Ms. Urmila Chauhan Femina Miss India Telangana 2023, Ms. Praachi Nagpal Miss India Grand 2022, fashion designer Aliya Deeba, supermodel Mr. Rajeev Pillai, and photographer Shareef Nandyale. The evening was further enriched by a captivating fashion and musical show choreographed by the talented Sham Khan.

Shafeeq ur Rahman expressed immense pride in Star Life Hyderabad's longstanding reputation as a leading representative of India's fashion and entertainment industry on the global stage. He emphasized India's unique cultural heritage and the distinct fashion styles and fabrics associated with each state. He further underscored Star Life Hyderabad's dedication to promoting Indian art and culture worldwide.

Star Life Hyderabad's commitment to showcasing India's rich tapestry of traditions and cultural diversities extends beyond mere fashion. They believe clothes are not just garments but threads woven into the diverse narrative of India's history and artistic brilliance. They aim to be more than just a representative of Indian fashion; they aspire to be its global ambassador, providing a platform for local artisans and designers to gain international recognition.

Through their efforts, Star Life Hyderabad is successfully bridging the gap between local artistry and global platforms, ensuring that the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian fashion receives the worldwide appreciation it deserves.